Saturday, December 25, 2010

Soul Touch Wishes You A Merry Christmas

May we wish you all a very merry and blessed Christmas this year full of laughter, joy and peace. May you all find what you have been created for, and find happiness in that. May you feel the hope and comfort intended for you, and all the other yummy things we have been mercifully given.

Most of all, may everyone feel love this Christmas day. May we all share that love, and commit today to sharing more and more love every day as the new year unfolds. Thank you to everyone that made 2010 everything it was for Laura and I, for all the encouragements, the kindness, the hospitality and the wisdom. Please pray for the continuation of Soul Touch and that it develops easily into what God intends it to be.

So all that being said, im off for a mince pie (or two!) Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Soul Touch Prayer Advent Calender - Life on the streets

In Guatemala we worked with the Shikinah ministries, that reach many different people in all different ways. However, we spent most of our time working at their soup kitchen, helping them serve an average of 500 hungry and often homeless people everyday. We learnt a lot during our time here about the monotonous, survival based type of living for those on the street. Their day forcussed around ways of finding food and money. For children especially this is no way to live, so we were blessed and happy to also have the opportunity to work with a man Gyseppi who ran a school for theses children free of charge, and visited the families on the streets 3 times a week with hope, soup and sandwiches. As Europe is hit by the shockingly cold weather, please pray that everyone has a bed this Christmas and somewhere to go to get out of the cold. And for everyone in the world homeless, please pray that whatever the circumstances are that ended in them living on the streets are changed, and that they find not only a house but a home.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soul Touch Prayer Advent Calender - Christmas behind bars

During our time in Oruro, Bolivia we worked with Arbol del Angel (Angel Tree) who work with children with parents in prison, and children who live in the prisons with their parents. Arbol del Angel runs from Wednesday to Friday, serving 30 children, helping with homework, teaching the bible and running clubs like choreography or art. During our time with them we had the opportunity to visit the prison with the children while they performed a dance for their parents and the other prisoners. It was very touching that the parents were able to experience their children performing, as so many parents in prison miss out on this. But it was heartbreaking to leave, some of the children stayed back with their parents which was hard enough to watch, but the ones that had to leave were so sad to be leaving mum’s and dad’s behind. I can’t begin to imagine what these children are feeling. Please pray for them, pray that they will see another, more appealing, side of life. Pray also for the parents, Arbol del Angel do work (which sounds like cognitive behaviour therapy) with them. Pray that they will realise the effect them being in prison has on their children, and pray that they will continue to want to rebuild their lives. Also pray for the staff and team of dedicated team of volunteers, they are doing an amazing job, pray that they will continue to be energised.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Soul Touch Prayer Advent Calender - Living in the dust

In Bolivia we worked with a project called Horno Casa. This is an afterschool homework and bible teaching group for children of all ages. These children live in the hills outside Sucre’s city centre. Often they have no water and their health is suffering, almost every child in the 60 we worked with had a cold. These children live outside the city and were so happy to have visitors! They have some resources but not a lot, the Brazilian team that work with them do so well with what they have! Last month the team from Brazil returned home, leaving one full time member in Bolivia. It’s essential that there are 6 members of staff working at Horno Casa. Please pray that God call’s the right people to work with these beautiful Children! Pray that the children will have enough to eat and fresh water to drink and wash. And pray that they understand the meaning of Christmas and feel loved as they are meant to this year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Soul Touch Prayer Advent Calender - Happy to be Hame!

Sorry for the lack of blogs over the weekend. Laura and I are officially back in our homeland of Bonny Scotland (despite the worrying threats from the snow!) and we have been busy seeing all our lovely, excited family and friends!It's such a cosy nice feeling to be back with those we love and have missed just in time for the festive season. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us in so many ways over the last amazing year!Despite the 2010 trip being over Soul Touch is nowhere close to being at an end, with so many incredible people involved and prayers being constantly sent regarding Soul Touch, I have a feeling we have seen nothing yet!

So, for today as Laura and I enjoy being back with all those we missed, please pray for those that do not have such people. Those that are lonely this Christmas or who feel forgotten. For the reconciliation of families and friendships and for the general love and fuzzy warm, glitteryness of Christmas to be felt and expressed in the hearts of everyone this Christmas!The Advent Calender will be continuing, so stay tuned! And thanks again for everything to all you brilliant people involved with helping us this year and getting us home safe and sound!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Soul Touch Prayer Advent Calender - The Good Samaritan

In August we began the final leg of our journey in South America. We started in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we worked with San Andres church and the projects they are involved with. We had a wonderful time working with one project in particular Buen Samaratino (Good Samaratin) Community centre. During our time with them we helped at a childrens day party for children less privileged. The community centre and San Andres managed to get a gift for each of the children who attended the party. I’m sure over Christmas they will be organising another party with more gift, please pray for the organisers, pray also for each of the individual children, that they have all that they need. Pray for San Andres Church, for the congregation and the members who volunteer in the different community groups.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soul Touch Prayer Advent Calender - Difficulties of Division

We spent a month in South Africa, during that time we learnt so much about the divides between the black, white and coloured people. Although the apartheid has been over for years there is still so much damage in the country. There’s a lot of violence and crime. Please pray for the people in South Africa, pray that the divides will disappear in the near future, pray for the countries leaders and for the police. Pray that corruption will disappear and South Africa will be known for the beautiful country that it is!